Start your journey. Become a Viz Artist Designer! This comprehensive learning path prepares you for working as a broadcast graphics designer in today's media landscape. It will teach you the tools needed to create versatile, visually and complex scenes in Viz Artist. This learning path contains all six of our design courses. By following the path you will build your knowledge and enhance your skills, one course at the time. Each course contains videos, recourses, and exercises created by Vizrt experts. It will teach you everything from the basic scene and template creations, to advance tools and complex scene design.   Learning Objectives Start by learning the system setup and how to create design templates in Viz Artist. As you progress, learn animation basics and graphics control and playout. Build on your new skills and created scenes with audio, video and realistic textures. Get an introduction to scripting to unlock more creative ways of designing with Viz Artist. Learn to create live graphics with real-time data streams from social media networks.  This Learning Path grants access to the following courses: Viz Artist Design Viz Artist Advanced Design Viz Artist Trio Design Social TV design Viz Artist Introduction to Scripting Graphic Hub Setup and Administration Read more about the individual course, by clicking the content tab above.   Intended audience: Designers Level: Basic Prerequisites: Design experience Related courses: Viz Artist Designer Certification  The courses in this learning path will be available for 90 days after purchase. Read More


Become a certified Viz One API developer!  Viz One is more than a production, management, and distribution system. A broad range of APIs allows it to be used for many other media applications. The APIs abstract low-level media asset management, transcoding, and delivery mechanisms freeing developers to focus on the task at hand. The APIs are based on REST and SOAP with support for rapid event-based processing. The Viz One API Development Exam was developed by Vizrt's best professionals to meet broadcasters' requirements for highly skilled API developers. Hence, this exam will test your competency in the API's core functions; how to execute commands against the Viz One APIs, trigger command-based events, and so on.  A result with a passing grade of 70% or more will confirm that you can develop integrations and extensions for Viz One. You will be granted access to the certification Exam for five days after purchase. The Certification Exam is 60 minutes long with 60 questions, and you will have 3 attempts to pass.  Read More


Learn the basics of the Nr. 1 real-time design tool for the broadcast industry with this introduction to Viz Artist course. This course is made for those with little or no previous experience in Viz Artist. Through the course, we will create a lower third, a typical broadcast graphic and by doing so we will have a look at importing content, design, animation and preparing the scene to become a template.  ​ Read More


In this intensive hands-on course, learn to use this industry standard tool to create real-time graphics for the broadcasting environment. Over five in-depth lessons, you will learn everything from the system setup to design templates and managing the Graphic Hub database and animation. Complete the lessons, study the training videos and finish the exercises. When you are confident with your new skills, complete the course by taking the test. The course will be available for 90 days after purchase. Read More


Become a Certified Viz Artist designer! Successful candidates demonstrate the ability to design creatively in Viz Artist and execute large portions of a project by applying advanced knowledge of the software’s capabilities. Get certified and strengthen your position as a Viz Artist Designer. The candidate should demonstrate a high level of knowledge and organizational skills using Transition Logic, scripting, technical design and setup. The completed exam should confirm that the candidate can develop a project from the idea stage to a set of graphics ready to be controlled by Vizrt’s control applications. The candidate must also demonstrate understanding of executing solutions together with a team of designers, programmers and/or technicians. The length of the exam is 30 days from purchase. Read More


Become a Certified Viz Trio Operator! The Viz Trio Operator Exam was developed by Vizrt's topprofessionals to meet broadcasters' requirements for highly skilled  character generator (CG) operators. Hence, this exam will test your competency in the software's core functions, including editing shows, creating playlists and scrollers and using templates for creating data elements.  A result with a passing grade of 70% or higher will confirm that you can operate Viz Trio. This also demonstrates understanding of the Viz Trio operator’s role in relation to other integrated systems used for content creation, output and graphic design. You will be granted access to the certification exam for five days after purchase. The certification exam is 60 minutes long with 60 questions, and you have three (3) attempts to pass.  Read More

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