The Viz Artist AR course is built around creating Augmented Reality graphics, and learners will use many of the tools and techniques needed to become a talented Viz Artist designer.  In this course, learners will create an AR scene visualizing a comet, and in the process enhancing their skills along the way. Read More

Learn the basics of the industry-leading sports analysis solution with this Viz Libero Teams Operation course. This course is made for those with little or no previous experience in Viz Libero. Work with graphics annotations such as player marking and tracking to create a basic telestration. Read More

Discover the power of Transition Logic in this course created by Vizrt’s in-house expert designer Mats Bauge. After completing this course, you will be able to create your own transition logic graphics package.   "Transition Logic is one of the key techniques for your Viz Artist design toolbox" - Mats Bauge | Designer and Training specialist Transition Logic is a method of designing a graphics package that maintains the look and feel of the graphics, while also allowing anyone else such as journalists, operators or producers, to add graphics items to a rundown without the need for any kind of technical knowledge of how the system works.  Transition Logic allows the independent control of any number of graphics layers, providing a code-free and design-based method for building graphics that gracefully animates in and out, and transitions from one to another automatically.  The course does not include Viz Trio software. If you do not have access to Viz Trio you will not be able to follow the exercises. Read More

This is an introductory course to Viz Artist scripting for advanced designers. By the end of this course you should know how to write basic scripts containing the fundamental elements of programming. Hence, this is for advanced designers who have no or little programming/ scripting skills. With this introductory course you will learn basic programming skills unlock more creative ways of using Viz Artist and Viz Engine. This course will show you that scripting is not only a new tool, but a new way of thinking as it allows you and teams of designers and programmers to customize Viz Engine to fit a given project’s requirements. The main objective of this course is to introduce you to Viz Artist’s scripting API and how to use this to manipulate Viz Engine. The second objective is to help you team up with programmers to solve bigger and more complex projects. Read More

This course takes a look at what is involved when building and using a virtual set. The course examines the many uses for virtual sets, the differences between a virtual set and augmented reality graphics, the components and studio requirements, how a presenter interacts with a virtual set, and why more companies are choosing virtual set studios.  Read More

Viz Artist Lessons from Design and Plugin Experts This course is a collection of webinar recordings and associated resources from the Viz Artist Webinar series that ran from October to December 2018. The course features lessons from Viz Artist designers Even Normann, Hannes Feldkirchner and Mats Bauge from Vizrt and Amir Keren from Erizos. You will learn a lot about using Viz Artist through practical demonstration of some of its capabilities. Mastering the topics and techniques covered in these sessions provides a solid foundation for more advanced use of Viz Artist.  Read More

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